Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: Out of the Shadows

Title: Out of the Shadows (A Werewolf Wars Novel)
Author: Bethany Shaw
Type: Novel
Length: 404 pages (Kindle)
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date: August 26, 2013
Genres: Fantasy/Paranormal

In an attempt to save his sister, Emily, from becoming a breeder, Devon Harris defies his alpha and flees his home with his sister. His actions lay the foundation for a war between the packs. They seek refuge at his Uncle Rick's ranch, and there, he meets the fiery human Lark. In the midst of a war, does he dare let himself fall for her?

Rick Harris has been like a second father to Lark Davies since her parents died in an accident three years ago. She is the sole guardian of her younger sister and the owner of her own bakery, leaving her little time for a social life. Lark instantly feels the allure to Devon even though they are constantly at odds with each other. However, danger lurks around every corner. As Lark spends more time with the pack, she is drawn further into the werewolf world.

Slow start with an exciting finish. Sassy and spunky heroine and a hunky, ill tempered, misunderstood hero. Great secondary characters (especially Vincent) and the story line is straightforward. Looking forward to see what the gulf packs have in store.
Happy Reading Everyone !!!!!

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