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Review: Fury Scorned (New England Furies #2) by Nicola White

Fury Scorned (New England Furies, #2)Fury Scorned by Nicola R. White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fury Scorned book two in the New England Furies series started at a light jog and then shot off at a break neck pace. Alex the bad ass of the bunch or at least that's what everyone believes. With her tats and career choice everyone believes they have her pegged but Alex will have a few things to show them.

Fury Scorned hits all the right spots. Psycho bad guys, butt kicking heroine(s) and sexy yet confused heroes. The author does such a wonderful job tying Greek mythology and characters into a modern day setting. The concept of Pandora and her box in absolutely brilliant and forces the reader to think of old mythes/characters in a new light. Mostly all who've read anything about the Greek Pantheon of gods know that they are always meddling in human affairs causing havoc in their wake. This is no different and the Furies have to sort it out before its too late.

Now, I would have loved to give this a five star rating but there were a couple of things that threw me off. The first was a romance without any heat. While reading you get to know Alex's character and her insecurities. Especially, her view of whether she's worthy of receiving love but the book was so focused on solving the mystery and the Fury's jealous nature that there wasn't any room made for the romantic portion of this book. Some may disagree with me but unlike Jackson and Tara (the hero and heroine from the first installment) who were constantly featured in scenes together, Alex and Ty were not. Yeah, as the reader you knew that they were supposed to be romantic involved but there wasn't enough interaction of the romantic nature or just both characters being in the same space. Basically, Ty seemed more of an afterthought than the hero and this is too bad because his character is a good one.

The second quirk is minor but it really got me to asking why. I suppose good writing is suppose to make the reader ask questions but anyway here it is. The story revolves around Greek mythology but the god of the underworld is called Pluto (Roman mythology) and not Hades. I wondered if this ties into the author's description of this character's political views but it was enough to make me stop reading and stare for awhile.

The New England Furies is such a wonderful concept and a really good read. A couple of quirk do not take away from the author's ability to tell a great story.

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