Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: Episode 1: Come Inside! (MythU) by Cunning Kimmy

Episode 1: Come Inside! (MythU)Episode 1: Come Inside! by Cunning Kimmy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

About the Book
What would you do if you received a scholarship to a college that doesn't exist, where the students and staff are all creatures from myth and folklore? If you’re the only human? If these same creatures want you, want to do things to you that you've only dreamed of? From the moment she steps off the bus and into the mist, Lisa Swallow must answer these questions for herself as beings beyond belief keep trying to get into her pants, more accurately under her skirt, or is she trying to get into theirs? Welcomed by a succubus, Lisa jumps head first onto a roller coaster of sexual awakening where her every hidden fantasy—and even some she’s never considered—is fulfilled.

Monsters, and Fairies, and Gods... Oh, my! Welcome to MythU.
What to say? This read isn't for the faint of heart.  All of the scenes in this first episode is really in your face. That's not a bad thing but the build-up is what makes an erotic scene spectacular.  With this episode the build-up is missing.

Great concept and character development but lacks a plot. This is just episode one of this serial but I had hoped for more of a story. I can't deny that my mouth was wide open collecting flies while reading. Hopefully, in the following episodes reader's will be able to get to know the characters better and see more of the storyline. Overall this entry merits a 3.25 rating.

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