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Friending the Devil by Debby Rice

Friending the DevilFriending the Devil by Debby Rice
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Friending the Devil is the story of Kelsey James’ seduction into a world of magic, murder, and corruption. The novel unfolds in a dark urban forest—a place where evil hides in plain sight and a bite of chocolate gives the power to soar over skyscrapers or make a gun jump to an unwitting assassin’s hand. 

Kelsey enters this fairytale laid low by fate. Orphaned overnight and dismissed from her advertising job like so much clichéd copy, compulsive shoplifting has become a shameful refuge from those life-shattering experiences. 

When Kelsey lands a job at Lively Enterprises, her luck seems to be changing. Her employment package includes a luxury condo, a limited edition car, and an intriguing male supervisor. But the deal is tied with the devil’s strings. Far from being an outsider to a family business dedicated to promoting chaos and lining pockets, Kelsey discovers that Lively Enterprises is her frightening inheritance. 

As curiosity and fear drive her deeper into her new family’s dangerous embrace, Kelsey uncovers the truth about her past and learns that her real job has nothing to do with work. The supernatural mafia that runs the company has been searching for her to release a fresh breath of evil into the world. Kelsey’s fate threatens to ruin her closest friends, transform her identity and compromise her soul.

The Review

Friending the Devil is an interesting take on long-existing religious myths and the influence of wealth and greed. In this entry, the reader is introduced to the lovely Ms. Kelsey James who is down on her luck. With a chance encounter with a bench, a well-placed ad and a handshake with Mr. Lively, Kelsey is swept into a world that was best left hidden. The story is written well but as a reader (like Kelsey) it was hard to follow what was going on, hard to figure out what the characters actually were and what the heroine's actual abilities were. In short, while reading I was just as confused as the heroine. There was a lively bunch of secondary characters and animals that should have had more focus. Though the stories focus was Kelsey and her transformation from one existence to another - it took too long to get there and the reader doesn't fully get to appreciate the characters transition. Overall this was a fluid read.

This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

About the Author

Debby Rice is a freelance writer who lives in Chicago. She has spent time in Mexico City, San Miguel Allende, New Orleans and San Francisco, and her experiences in those cities color her work. Debby’s books inhabit that foggy space where magic obscures reason and paints a universe that makes the impossible irresistibly real.

Debby is the author of Friending the Devil and Chihuahua Karma. Both novels are available on Amazon.

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