Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Dark Lily

Dark Lily by Jenna Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Many of us have shyly confessed to hearing or seeing things that we couldn't quite explain. A bump here, trinket out of place there or maybe a fleeting shadow out of the corner of the eye that's easily explained away. At least, with a rational person these instances have easy explanations. What if these things are your heritage … your normal? 

For Gaby Jordan talking to ghosts is as normal as breathing and she has dealt with the strangeness of who she is all of her life. What's strange is the sudden appearance of the very sexy Mitchell Stone, but the cop in him won't let him resist the request to protect Gaby from the crazed madman that has been hunting her family.

The author has penned a great story here and captures the smoky/seductive appeal of the Louisiana bayou. The suddenness of its storms to the mysterious nature of its nights, it seems that the author was able to dip her pen directly into the swamps inky blackness and transfer it directly to this story. It is always wonderful when an author does a beautiful job at world building because it really helps to set the tone for the story.

All the characters of Dark Lily (really have to read to find out why this title is significant) fit so well together. The villains were just that with some that may be redeemable but that didn't take away from their main roll. This contained a hero and heroine that didn't spend the entire time swooning over one another or a heroine that is completely clueless. Also contained good guys who came in varying shades of gray. This tale is chalked full of shoot outs, happy gators, dead people, overly active ghosts, a pyromaniac and one creepy ass dolly. Just simply good stuff.

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