Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: Dangerously Red

Dangerously Red (A Dark and Dirty Tale #3)Dangerously Red by Kristin Miller
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Its such a beautiful thought, that a person's one true love will cross their path and each individual would be spared to grief of a lonely (possibly singular) existence. Once the fated lovers/mates cross paths then they will live happily ever after or at least that is what the fairytales would have you believe. Can these chanced meetings that result in insta-love really end in a HEA? I really can't answer that but Red really tried her damnedest to make that a reality.

Our Red is in a very complicated situation. She has to find a pack and obtain a mate all before her 25th birthday. She with the pack she wanted but the mate part is a bit complicated. She has two hotter than hades males clamoring for the job and all she has to do is choose correctly. Choosing the correct mate maybe the hardest task of her life and to find out who she chooses you're going to have read for yourself. What I can say is that the author has whipped up a fast paced conclusion to her three part serial (Dark and Dirty Tales ).

Both alphas (Reaper and his cousin Lukas) are intense male leads with appeal dripping from the pages and both characters are as different as night and day. Reapers is dark, large framed and just a big softy where Lukas is lighter in coloring, slighter in build and a definite control freak. These differences in style and appearance help to show the reader how the story will unfold. Though Red's (Ivy) choice is the focal point of this last installment, the other elements of the story aren't lost.

Dangerously Redwraps up with a tidy Happy Ending, but I can't help to think that there is possibly more to had from this story. Though you're left wondering what will happen to Lukas next. He is definitely the bad guy of this three part serial but I get the feeling there is more to be told about his character.

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