Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: The Theory of Deviance

The Theory of Deviance (The Portland Rebels, #3)The Theory of Deviance by Rebecca Grace Allen
 My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Theory of Deviance by Rebecca Grace Allen, in my case, happens to be a unique read. It’s unique (at least in my opinion) because it openly questions faith/religion, ideas of sin and personal belief. I can definitely say when I opened this on my Kindle this story wasn't what I expected.

More than anything, The Theory of Deviance is a coming of age story and a story of self-discovery. Like most young adults Mickey (our hero) is trying to figure out where he fits in life and at age 25 he’s kind of a late bloomer. Stuck behind the wall of parental expectations and social appearances, how can he be honest and true to himself? You see, Mickey is a 25 year old bisexual virgin whose personal religious beliefs and the idea of disappointing his parents have him spinning in a merry circle. Unfortunately, he believes that he can confess away his bisexuality or find that one miracle woman that will satisfy both halves of himself. Then sometimes, yes sometimes life gives you just the right amount of lemons for that lemonade.

Krissy has some personal demons of her own. Suffering from mental illness (she bi polar) she to is looking for the place where she belongs … that one safe place where there isn’t any judgment. The last piece of this trifecta is Rafe (Krissy’s roommate with benefits) who has some parental issues of his own. He’s been Krissy safety net almost from the beginning of her diagnosis but he’s yet to find the love he deserves.

This is my first time reading anything by this author and I must say that she made a bold move by bringing religion into focus in this story. This story deals with subjects (that I believe) are at the heart of the LGBT community when dealing with bisexuality and family pressures. The story is classified a contemporary /new adult romance but unfortunately I didn't find it very romantic. I found this story to contain mild angst, memorable characters and a whole lot of naughtiness.

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