Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: The Strongest Steel (Second Circles Tatoos, #1) by Scarlett Cole

The Strongest Steel (Second Circle Tattoos, #1)The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For those who are on the fence about picking this one up ... PICK IT UP! There isn't any guess work whether a reader would enjoy this one. Especially, if the reader is a fan of the genre. The Strongest Steel has great lead characters and a strong supporting cast.

Lets start with Harper (the female lead in this tale) who shows the reader how loving someone can blind you to the truth and when the blinders finally come off its way too late. You're stuck ... in way too deep to dig your way out. For Harper she finds that love can be down right deadly and once she survived its onslaught all she could do was run. Not just run but she has to heal (physically and mentally) from the torture she endured. But its hard to heal when you carry around the constant reminders ... many, many constant reminders. Lost in fear and self doubt Harper finally builds up t the courage to seek help. Trent Andrews is the least likely of those Harper would consider her knight in shining armor but hope and love sometimes can come in the strangest of packages. So, when this tattooed knight starts to break down her walls and bring her back into the world, I wasn't surprised to see the inner strength that the author had written into Harper's character. Though her character endured a lot the author made sure that this character's inner strength came shinning through.

So what works? 1) The relationship between our two main characters. Especially, in the romantic scenes, I totally got that Trent truly treasured, adored, loved (whatever you want to call it) Harper. There was true feeling written into a couple of those scenes and I must say that I appreciate the effort it took not to mess it up. 2) The secondary characters are really good. Cujo is a cocky ass and I LOVE IT. Harper's best friend Drea is feisty and ready wreck shop whenever she has to.

In the end I was hoping that harper had more time with her tormentor and with the legal system that failed her. I was all geared up and ready see our heroine bury her foot so deep in his backside and in the end I didn't get to see the revenge Harper's character totally deserved. In this case, was looking forward to the bad guy getting what her deserved.

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